The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery

How Do You Take Your Tea?


Sheridan Sansegundo
Edward Swift
Anado McLauchlin

February 11, 2017 1pm to 5pm

“How Do You Take Your Tea?” is the completely irrelevant title of an exhibition by Edward Swift, Sheridan Sansegundo, and Anado McLauchlin at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray in La Cineguita from February 11 through June of 2017.

All three have been making art of one kind or another all their lives, while keeping a roof over their heads by working at everything from taxi driver to landscape gardener to food critic to cruciverbalist to novelist. Their work has much in common, particularly mirth and irreverence. And in these dark days a little mirth and irreverence doesn’t come amiss.

Edward Swift

Will be showing a selection of work from four series that have never been seen anywhere that he knows of: “Guardians,” “Only One Leg to Stand On,” “Crazy but not Insane,” and “Queens, Queens, and More Queens.” The work is figurative, made of papier maché over wood or wire, with the addition of a few found objects such as buttons and hinges. The work is witty but not cute, silly but not precious, clever but not whimsical, and it comes in all sizes and prices. Some of the pieces have been painted and scrubbed; others have been left in their natural colors; all are deserving of a new home indoors not out.

Sheridan Sansegundo

Will be showing weird little figures in boxes, mainly made from found objects, from old cans to tree bark—not meant to represent anyone but aimed at sparking unsettling comparisons. She will also have a number of outsized painted wooden puppets, known in the past as quockerwodgers or jumping jacks, whose colors and patterns bring to mind the Venetian Carnival.

Anado McLauchlin

Is the founder and designer/curator of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery. He will present an outpouring of assemblage, mosaic, adornment, reflected, and irreverent found objects mixed and mismatched into an esoteric stew of amazement and wonder. Anado calls this ever-evolving body of work “Installed Poetry.” The title harkens back to his days as a performance poet in the East Village in 1970s New York when the island of Manhattan sported a more radiant and beatific edge.

There will be the usual fun, food, and surprises out at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray on Saturday, though we are not expecting any Republicans.For those who don’t know the way to the gallery, directions can be found in English and Spanish at:

I will be there in spirit and I hope everyone will come and enjoy the art and the music and raise their spirits.

Lulu Torbet (RIP)


From Centro Historico in San Miguel take Calle San Francisco which later becomes Calzada de La Estacion. Follow this street straight through the glorieta (traffic circle) and proceed to the train station. Follow the road as it winds to the left and crosses the railroad tracks. Take the asphalt road which winds to the right….follow this road through three curves and you will be on a straightaway to La Cieneguita. When you arrive in Cieneguita you will pass over three topes (speed bumps).

You will pass a large green sign pointing to Guanajuato to the left. DO NOT GO LEFT-Continue straight ahead 150 meters past that sign and you will see a small lane on the right. There is a small purple and yellow sign which reads Casa de Las Ranas and Chapel of Jimmy Ray marking the spot and pointing to the right. Take that turn and soon you will come to a small Church…take a half- right turn and follow the road up the hill parallel to the Church. The Gallery grounds begin behind the Church property…you will enter at the first gate on the left. If coming for a tour you will arrive in front of the large colorful home on the left side of the road….


Desde el Centro Histórico de San Miguel de Allende, toma la Calle San Francisco que después se convierte en Calzada de la Estación. Sigue sobre esta calle todo derecho hasta llegar a la glorieta y continúa en dirección a la estación de ferrocarril. Continúa sobre la carretera conforme agarra hacia la izquierda, pasando las vías. Toma entonces el camino de asfalto que va hacia la derecha.

Sigue sobre este camino pasando las tres curvas y te encontrarás en el camino directo a La Cieneguita. Cuando llegues a Cieneguita pasarás tres topes. Luego pasarás por donde está un letrero grande, verde, que señala a Guanajuato hacia la izquierda. NO VAYAS A LA IZQUIERDA – continúa derecho 150 metros pasando ese letrero y verás un caminito a la derecha. Hay un letrero pequeño, de color morado y amarillo, que dice Casa de Las Ranas / Chapel of Jimmy Ray…Da media vuelta hacia la derecha y sigue el camino hacia arriba, paralelo a la iglesia. El terreno de la Galería comienza detrás del terreno de la iglesia. Entrarás en la primera reja a la izquierda. Si vienes para un tour, llegarás frente a la casa grande y muy colorida en el lado izquierdo del camino.

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